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Billy McGinty was a genuine Oklahoma cowboy during the large ranch era who served with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders in the Spainish-American War. He joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and was later named America's bronc-riding champion.

His family lived near Ingalls and his father-in-law, Dr. Jacob Pickering, wrote an eyewitness account of the gun battle between the Doolin-Dalton gang and U.S. Marshals. Billy McGinty also served as sponsor of the nation's first western band, which went on the air over KFRU, in Bristow, Oklahoma in 1925. During his 90 years, Billy McGinty lived a large part of America's Western history.

Billy McGinty has been named to the Hall of Great Westerners by the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. He was a bronc-buster with extraordinary skills.